e-Commerce SEO

Establish a Lucrative Revenue Channel with Your Online Presence using e-Commerce SEO

Shopping Cart pages need to be treated the same as other web pages in many ways. Each page needs their own separate SEO, including page titles, page descriptions and unique keywords that make the product stand out.

► Busy lifestyles, higher fuel costs and other changes in the world have made eCommerce more popular than ever. Experts predict that more and more consumers will be shopping and arranging services online in the future.

► The issues related to eCommerce such as funds, privacy and fraud protection can be daunting to a business owner, but WebSolutions Maine has been providing effective e-Commerce solutions for years.

►Create a catalog of your products, educate your customers about your service, accept payments from almost any credit card, e-Check or PayPal, receive orders via email…the possibilities are nearly limitless.

► And you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your data and your customers’ financial information is all handled on an SSL-encrypted network and secure servers.

► Why add content to individual category pages?

Without unique, useful content a category page is really just a list of products, each with a small amount of content that is duplicated on the actual product page itself. All other things being equal, a category page with unique, useful content is going to out-rank one without it. Furthermore, the content at the top of the page can help visitors through the conversion funnel, help answer common questions, and offer an opportunity to introduce your branding and /or product. SEO isn’t just for search engines it helps you potential customers too.

Category pages aren’t just helpful to your customers. They’re also great opportunities to improve and build up your online store’s SEO. e-Commerce sites can easily turn their category pages into high-traffic landing pages by adding unique, useful content.