Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

We offers strategies that will help you make the most of your advertising campaigns.   
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►  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

WebSolutions Maine is a SEO company that helps its clients increase their web presence with highly focused Pay Per Click Management and SEO marketing services.  We deliver great results using a combination of cutting edge technology, insight, expertise and having complete dedication to client results.  
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►  Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is a website advertising model in which advertisers pay for their ads only when their ad is clicked.  If your website utilizes a PPC ad strategy, your ads will display whenever a keyword query matches your keyword list, or when any site displays relevant content. These ads are called sponsored links or sponsored ads. 

►  We Target a Specified Audience

“Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors”.  
It’s important to keep in mind who your business is trying to reach through PPC advertising.  Put yourself in the shoes of the visitors you’re trying to target. Do the keywords and ad text draw you in and do they give you useful information?

► We Identify Keywords: 

Based on your business’s audience and goals, there are certain keywords that will be ideal to use for your PPC campaign. With WebSolutions Maine’s keyword research, your PPC ads will be more effective.  Keywords increase performance and profitable conversion rates.

►  We Know How to Bid

 After we know the appropriate keywords to use, you’ll need to bid on what you want to pay for a click on a specific keyword-Ad. If you bid the most, you might have the #1 ranking in the sponsored results. Lower bids on keywords result in low or zero ROI.

►  Your Quality Score can easily impact your ad’s ranking. 

Search engines will examine your ad, its performance and the quality of the page that the ad leads to. Based on what they find, search engines like Google will either increase or decrease the necessary bid amount for you to obtain a certain position.

►  Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads. It is used to determine your cost per click (CPC) and multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your ad rank. The relevance of each keyword to its ad group. Landing page quality and relevance.

►  To determine the position of the ad on a search engine, each ad is allocated with adrank which is the product of bid * Quality Score. Ads are then listed in descending order based on the result of that equation. The exact weight of Quality Score versus bid has not been revealed by any of the major search engines, and each company has stated that they reserve the right to continually adjust their ranking methodologies.

SEO/SEM is a growing, high-powered marketing force. Search Engine Marketing ensures that the people who need you, will find you on the Internet.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management