Integrate Paypal

►Transparent pricing, Start accepting payments online making it convenient for your customers / clients to access your products and/or services.

PayPal’s pricing takes the guesswork out of processing fees.

Make it easy for customers to pay for a product, service or  gift card. Use Paypal

PayPal offers a number of seller solutions, but the one that’s best for some companies involves placing payment buttons on the site and then letting PayPal handle the entire checkout process. This feature costs nothing upfront; you only pay when someone makes a purchase. 

Get the tools, products, financing, and support you need to help establish or grow your business. 19 million merchants rely on PayPal to build, run, and grow their business.

Disclaimer: We are not PayPal experts but wanted to share what we know about this option because we feel it’s helpful for some businesses that want a way customers can purchase a product or service online easy.